Reading glasses. So useful, so increasingly necessary once you’re 40+,  but not in an ‘I’ll go and get my eyes tested properly’ way, because that seems a faff when the only job they need to do is magnification and you know you’re x2 or whatever.

So you get them from the chemist, and they’re really badly ugly and unflattering, and usually weirdly narrow. And you think “I wish someone would make cool reading glasses for men and women, in loads of different shapes, including sunglasses, and I wish they were STURDY and long-lasting, and that they didn’t cost an arm and a leg.”

Behold: Eyebobs. You can buy them online – dozens of styles, pretty much zero duds – but you might get hit with that annoying US tax thing (which you can swerve by signing up to My US, mind you). My local optician kindly imported mine for me, but otherwise in London – and online –  the V&A sells a limited range. The unfortunately-named Isis in the Fulham Road has a wider selection. Or check here to see if there’s a stockist near you.

(That’s glorious fashion nana Iris Apfel in the pic. She did a range with them a few years ago. They were quite big).