As per Stacey Duguid’s bang-on piece about middle age and ear piercings (God, I so love The Pool), I have recently re-opened my dormant – 30-odd years! – ear piercings*. If you’re not from the Eighties and you want to go for that sort of look without the faff, or without turning up in Claire’s Accessories aged 45, these DIVINE earrings – the Pleiades, basically  – from Zoe And Morgan will make your ears amazing and chic in one fell swoop. I got gold plate, but as per the pic they also come in silver, here. The thing with multiple piercings – or the illusion of – in middle age is that your idea of a good time is no longer hanging gormlessly around Camden Market. Your ears must reflect this evolution, otherwise it’s a weak look.

I was poking around the shop today and every single item is gorgeous, from a single, tiny star diamond stud to a lovely owl necklace, via any number of massively desirable bracelets to absolutely beautiful Deco-looing stacking rings, plus they take commissions. I don’t often feel this way about jewellery shops – it’s unusual for everything to be great. At Z & M you could go in blindfolded, tell them a price and come out with something that would make the recipient delirious with joy. Whole collection online, too.

*Re-piercing: earring, bit of surgical spirit, whack it in gently, done. No seeping (ugh), no need to press hard, no nothing – it’s to do with the hole forming its own time-proof tunnel of skin, except even typing ‘tunnel of skin’ makes me feel unwell, so let’s leave it there. Point is if you were multiply pierced and  fancy revisiting multiple earrings – so Of The Moment – then go back in without fear.