The Baiden Mitten is an amazing, amazing thing. It gives you new skin all over your bodd-ee. Don’t just take my word for it – do a Google search (do an image search as well), or read for example this. If you think the writer of that piece sounds obsessed to the point of derangement, you should hear me on the subject. I can go for days.

It’s a nothing-looking bath mitt, made of fibres – you’ll have come across one before if you’ve ever had a treatment in a hammam, or in a spa somewhere exotic. You wet it and scrub away at yourself. The amount of dead skin and, er, debris that comes off is absolutely jaw-dropping, and disgusting in a deeply satisfying way, and I say that as someone who exfoliates regularly. It’s the ten-ton truck of exfoliants, and all it uses are elbow grease and water. It turns your skin to silk. It also makes ingrown hairs a thing of the past, btw, though go easy exfoliating your bikini line. I personally wouldn’t use the mitt on my face, but people do – again, really go easy. Everywhere else though: go hard. You will be rewarded with marble-smooth skin.

Now, yer actual Baiden Mitten a) comes from a website that seems loony. Bear with it and have faith. Also b), it’s $50. This seems a lot for a mad-sounding product from a loony-looking site, but I promise you won’t be disappointed. It’s magic in mitt form, this stuff. Ships from the US and I got mine in a couple of weeks. I’ve been using it since last September and it still works perfectly (you chuck it in the wash).

Wonderful Beauty Mart does a cheap variant, here, which I’ve pictured because the actual Baiden Mitt images are ugly. I haven’t tried this – too busy scrubbing away with the old Baiden – but if you’re balking at the above price, it might be worth a shot. I mean, it’s £4, and if it works as well then it’s the bargain of the century.